Heating and Air Repair

When you need heating and air conditioning service, you want two things: You want it fast, and you want the work to be done right.

Our goal is to help you create and maintain a healthy indoor climate in your home. See what we offer and why The Appliance Doctor is the best choice around:

Heating Services

Annual Checkup

The most common heating system in Knoxville is the furnace, and it sits idle all summer. The Fall Checkup is one of the most important things you can do before winter to be sure your furnace is operational, and to catch problems that could lead to an unexpected break down. Even if you have a boiler or heat pump, we’ll provide a tune-up that will keep you warm for the winter. Our service includes:

  • Inspect and lubricate moving parts

  • Inspect belts, connections and wiring

  • Check the blower, ducts, vents or tubes for leaks

  • Inspect the pilot light and burner, if applicable

  • Inspect drainage systems

  • Confirm condition of heat exchanger/check for carbon monoxide

  • Replace filters

Repair Services

Cooling Services

Annual Checkup

Your air conditioner is exposed to the elements throughout those cold winter months. A checkup in the spring can head off problems before they become big repairs, and a quick tune-up can be a real benefit after your air conditioner has sat idle all winter. Our service includes the following:

  • Check the coolant level

  • Clean the condenser coils

  • Lubricate moving parts

  • Inspect ductwork and electrical connections

  • Confirm proper operation of blower motor and thermostat

Repair Services